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A really important podcast about wrestling.

March 15, 2017

S2:E3 Controversial Topics and Weston’s Heel Turn

WWE Raw, SmackDown LIVE, and NJPW New Japan Cup Recap and Review.

Listen for more than 15 minutes, no matter what Hunter says. It gets progressively better. We promise. 

Weston buries his entire high school senior class and Brent Musberger. Hunter buries Raven fans and Max Landis.

Will Seth Rollins and HHH's feud extend beyond WrestleMania?

Weston's really important top 5 matches of the first 2 months of the year.

The curious case of Joe Mixon and a difficult question concerning sex with a goat. 

Hunter's 10 reasons why WrestleMania 33 is going to be top-5 all time. 

Comparing and contrasting New Japan Pro Wrestling and WWE.

Extended rapid fire questions about non-white wrestlers, how to cook an onion, political stances, and more.




March 8, 2017

S2:E2 Roman Reigns is Half Bear, Half Winter, but Fully Christ

WWE Fastlane, RAW, and SmackDown LIVE Recap and Reactions

Special Guest: Wes Chapman 

We talk about Roman Reigns. Then we talk about him some more. Then we make an earth-shattering realization about Roman Reigns. Then we talk about Him some more. 

"You are a deer."

Racism, Martin Luther King, Ghandi, and Donald Sterling

Is Goldberg vs. Lesnar good for the Universal Title?

Is it beneficial to leave certain Superstars off of WWE TV for multiple weeks in a row?

Who is the most attractive male wrestler?



March 1, 2017

S2:E1 Bray Wyatt, the Bible, and Fast Food Rankings

WWE RAW and SmackDown LIVE reactions and review

The Bible and Wikipedia hot takes

Peanut butter and honey

The Ringer's "Top 50 Fast Food Items in America"

Suprise guest appearance from Tristan Clopp

New Japan Pro Wrestling: New Japan Cup 2017 tease

WWE Fastlane rapid fire predictions


August 24, 2016

S1:E8 Summerslam Weekend Review

August 21, 2016

S1:E7 WWE Summerslam Preview (Part 3)

August 21, 2016

S1:E7 WWE Summerslam Preview (Part 2)

August 19, 2016

S1:E7 Summerslam Preview (Part 1)

  • Weston, Hunter, and Big Johnson give their predictions for SummerSlam
  • Is Alberto Del Rio finished with the WWE?
  • Big Johnson becomes the "Gimmick Stealer"
  • Hunter and Big Johnson attempt multiple Chris Jericho impressions
  • Does Sheamus need the win over Cesaro?
  • We love Becky and Alexa Bliss...Carmella not as much
  • Weston loses control over the Smarks with Hearts throne.
  • "It's like you spanked me"
  • Should Apollo Crews be the Vegas betting favorite in the IC title match?
  • IWC needs to stop hating on the Miz
  • Hunter has his best podcast moment and follows it up with a "hype take"
  • Roman Reigns is better than anyone gives him credit for
August 18, 2016

S1:E6 NXT Takeover: Back To Brooklyn Preview

-Bobby Roode's entrance music: Greatest of all time?

-Hunter hates Andrade Cien Almas.
-Weston hates Austin Aries... and No Way Jose.
-Ciampa heel turn?
-Has Shinsuke lost his magic? OF COURSE NOT.
-The arrival of "Big Johnson"
-Hunter threatens to "hug" a high-school athletic director.
-Bayley vs Asuka II. Match of the night?
August 11, 2016

Weston Talks Wrestling: Dean Ambrose’s Title Run

August 3, 2016

S1:E5 The Horrible Awful Episode About Finn Balor

It's shit.