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A really important podcast about wrestling.

June 16, 2017

S2:E13 Dropkicks and Big Men who can do Cartwheels

NJPW Dominion Recap and Review; WWE MITB Preview and Predictions 

Was Omega v. Okada II better than their first match?

Which was the better near fall? AJ v. Cena at SummerSlam 2016 or Omega v. Okada II?

Weston creates a different rating scale for each Dominion match, including 75 out of 100 Big Men who can do Cartwheels. 

Adding matches to the Smarks with Hearts Top 10 Matches of 2017 

Wes Reads his Tweets, less successfully than last show

What was the second best match of the night? The Jr. Heavyweight, the Intercontinental, or the Jr. Tag?

Hunter falls in love with War Machine and the Guerrillas of Destiny.

Is Naito actually just a punk?

Wes and Weston engage in a battle of the brains; the loser suffers embarrassing consequences.

What are Roman Reigns SummerSlam plans? Could the Rock be a possible opponent?

Lana should win the SmackDown Women's title and Naomi should enter herself in the MITB match.

Sami Zayn or Dolph Ziggler should win the men's MITB match. 

If Jinder or the Usos lose their titles we riot. 

June 8, 2017

S2:E12 Samoa Joe and Texting with Vince McMahon

WWE Extreme Rules, RAW, and SmackDown LIVE Recap and Review

NJPW Dominion Preview and Predictions 

2x Guest Co-Host Tristan Clopp

Samoa Joe is going to beat Brock Lesnar at Great Balls of Fire. You heard it here first.

Weston dreams about Samoa Joe, Brock Lesnar, and a porn star. 

A funeral for the death of Bayley's main roster run.

Hunter prays and God answers. 

Wes reads his tweets, Hunter/Braineus shares about the Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz, and Weston shares his thinking about Romans 14. 

Who should win MITB?

Booking the G1 and Wrestle Kingdom 12. 


May 26, 2017

S2:E11 All Hail the Maharaja and the Fashion Police

May 11, 2017

S2:E10 Fantasy Booking the Championships and the 20 Pickle Challenge

Wrestling was pretty dull this week, so we take turns booking EVERY SINGLE CHAMPIONSHIP IN WWE for the next few months. 

Co-hosts Wes Chapman, CJ "Jackson" Spitta, and Pat "The Champ" Inkpen

The least entertaining person during the podcast must eat the contents of the white package from beef jerky.

Weston eats 20 pickles in celebration of Okada beating Bad Luck Fale. 

Wes reveals that he is a WWE Insider and reveals Vince McMahon's plans for every WWE championship, including Toby Keith winning the United States Championship. 

"Jackson" attempts to stab everyone else on the podcast. 

"The Champ" flexes his wrestling knowledge superiority over everyone else. 

Weston makes the pitch of all pitches for the Universal Championship at WrestleMania 34: Brock Lesnar vs. Royal Rumble Winner Broken Matt Hardy. 


May 6, 2017

S2:E9 Payback Review, Deep Questions, and Insecurities

WWE Payback, RAW, and SmackDown LIVE Recap and Review

5x Guest Co-Host Wes Chapman

Each member of the show shares 3 of our insecurities and then we all hug and feel better about ourselves. 

Weston will not be on the next episode if Bad Luck Fale beats Okada, but he agrees to eat 20 large pickles if Okada wins. 

Weston pitches some booking for the RAW women's division leading up to SummerSlam. 

Penis size and pedophilia somehow become topics of conversation.

Wes decides that his WWE gimmick would be calling the police on all the other wrestlers. 

Jinder Mahal should win the WWE championship.

Weston believes that Roman Reigns is closer than ever to finally getting over. 

April 28, 2017

S2:E8 WWE Payback Predictions with the Devil and a Guitar

WWE Payback and NJPW Road to Wrestling Dontaku Preview and Predictions

WWE RAW and SmackDown LIVE Review and Recap

4x Guest Host and Sound Engineer Wes Chapman

Rapid-Fire WWE Payback Predictions

Hunter goes on a rant about "being woke."

Why has WWE been lackluster since WrestleMania? The Superstar Shake-Up? Bad booking? 

Hunter and Wes are completely on board with the Jinder Mahal experiment

Satan makes several appearances on the show and some revelations about Christianity are made.

Jinder Mahal's theme song read in Wes's terrible Christopher Walken impression.

Weston and Wes take turns playing the acoustic guitar. 


April 13, 2017


WWE RAW, SmackDown LIVE, Superstar Shake Up, NJPW Sakura Genesis Review and Recap.

3x Guest Host and Sound Engineer Wes Chapman

We don't discuss wrestling for the first 10 minutes or so. We opt for sex talk instead. 

The curious case of Shibata vs. Okada and the Subdural Hematoma. Weston gives a lesson on the difference between NJPW and WWE.

Wrestling isn't real. Braun just flipped a 5-7 ton ambulance. Bray Wyatt is somehow involved with Satan himself. Let's stop taking it so seriously and just enjoy the fun. 

Weston breaks down the NJPW Junior Heavyweight Title Match between Takahasi and Sanada at Sakura Genesis.

Wes goes on a random rage-filled rant about his hate for Jon Jones. 

Is Hunter a sociopath?

We do a division-by-division breakdown post-Superstar Shake Up.

WWE's booking of Shinsuke has been absolutely perfect.

Rapid-Fire Questions including favorite 90s snacks, mustache vs. beard, and favorite Wrestling finishers.

April 6, 2017

S2:E6 The Podcast from Inside of a Ford Escape…THIS IS OUR YARD NOW

WrestleMania 33, NXT Takeover: Orlando, RAW, and SmackDown LIVE Review and Recap

So this podcast takes place inside of a Ford Escape...that should tell you everything you need to know.

Weston's star ratings for WrestleMania 33 matches. HHH vs. Seth Rollins is being vastly underrated. 

Covering the returns of Emma, Finn Balor, and Eric Rowan; the debuts of Tye Dillinger, Shinsuke Nakamura, and The Revival. 

Read this article from SB Nation of a blogger watching professional wrestling for the first time: http://www.sbnation.com/2017/4/3/15147824/wrestlemania-33-recap-first-time-watching-wrestling-oh-my-good-lord

We are fully converted Roman Reigns fans now, so...

The Revival are those bullies that beat you up, but they don't look like they should have. 

The Revival are turning masculine stereotypes inside out. 

The Revival would break our hearts more than any other tag team if they broke up. 

We love the Revival. 

Rapid fire NJPW Sakura Genesis predictions.

Our Superstar Shake Up wishlist including: Nia Jax and Enzo & Cass to SmackDown LIVE, reuniting the Shield on either brand, AJ Styles and American Alpha to RAW, all tag teams to RAW and all cruiserweights to SmackDown LIVE. 

April 1, 2017

S2:E5 WrestleMania 33 Weekend Preview and Predictions

WrestleMania 33 and NXT Takeover: Orlando Preview and Predictions

NXT Takeover preview and predictions begin at the 1:34:34

Potential WrestleMania swerves including Shane McMahon turning heel, Hardy Boyz debuting and winning RAW Tag Team Titles, Finn Balor turning heel, Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton double turn. 

Hunter debuts his alter ego, Brainius.

Will Aries, Enzo & Cass, or Naomi get their feel good moments?

Will Seth Rollins use the Curb Stomp? Will Kevin Owens use a package piledriver?

Conspiracy theories regarding the SD Women's Championship Match and Cena's "shoot" promos.

What is Shane going to jump off of? Is HHH vs. Rollins a fight to the death? How long will Goldberg vs. Lesnar last? When should Sasha turn heel? How should the Hardy Boyz return? Is this Taker's last match?

Ember Moon and Asuka should main event NXT Takeover:Orlando

Will Shinsuke, Tye Dillinger, Asuka, or the Revival come up to the main roster on the RAW or SmackDown LIVE after Mania?

March 22, 2017

S2:E4 The Holy Triumverate of NJPW, Podcast Therapy, and Betrayal

WWE Raw, SmackDown LIVE, and NJPW New Japan Cup Recap and Review. WrestleMania and Sakura Genesis preview.


Are chants the best thing about wrestling, the worst thing about wrestling, or somewhere in between?

The beginning of the 4-word story "I used to be a boy named Hunter, now I am named..."

Special Guest Wes Chapman conducts some "Podcast Therapy".

Weston reviews the New Japan Cup and previews Sakura Genesis.

Southpaw Regional Wrestling. Professional wrestling is silly. Don't try to make it serious.

Discussion of the Amazon TV show "Transparent".

Rapid fire questions covering HHH's new stable, spoons vs. knifes, and preferred animal companions.