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A really important podcast about wrestling.


April 13, 2017

WWE RAW, SmackDown LIVE, Superstar Shake Up, NJPW Sakura Genesis Review and Recap.

3x Guest Host and Sound Engineer Wes Chapman

We don't discuss wrestling for the first 10 minutes or so. We opt for sex talk instead. 

The curious case of Shibata vs. Okada and the Subdural Hematoma. Weston gives a lesson on the difference between NJPW and WWE.

Wrestling isn't real. Braun just flipped a 5-7 ton ambulance. Bray Wyatt is somehow involved with Satan himself. Let's stop taking it so seriously and just enjoy the fun. 

Weston breaks down the NJPW Junior Heavyweight Title Match between Takahasi and Sanada at Sakura Genesis.

Wes goes on a random rage-filled rant about his hate for Jon Jones. 

Is Hunter a sociopath?

We do a division-by-division breakdown post-Superstar Shake Up.

WWE's booking of Shinsuke has been absolutely perfect.

Rapid-Fire Questions including favorite 90s snacks, mustache vs. beard, and favorite Wrestling finishers.