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A really important podcast about wrestling.

S2:E13 Dropkicks and Big Men who can do Cartwheels

June 16, 2017

NJPW Dominion Recap and Review; WWE MITB Preview and Predictions 

Was Omega v. Okada II better than their first match?

Which was the better near fall? AJ v. Cena at SummerSlam 2016 or Omega v. Okada II?

Weston creates a different rating scale for each Dominion match, including 75 out of 100 Big Men who can do Cartwheels. 

Adding matches to the Smarks with Hearts Top 10 Matches of 2017 

Wes Reads his Tweets, less successfully than last show

What was the second best match of the night? The Jr. Heavyweight, the Intercontinental, or the Jr. Tag?

Hunter falls in love with War Machine and the Guerrillas of Destiny.

Is Naito actually just a punk?

Wes and Weston engage in a battle of the brains; the loser suffers embarrassing consequences.

What are Roman Reigns SummerSlam plans? Could the Rock be a possible opponent?

Lana should win the SmackDown Women's title and Naomi should enter herself in the MITB match.

Sami Zayn or Dolph Ziggler should win the men's MITB match. 

If Jinder or the Usos lose their titles we riot.