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A really important podcast about wrestling.

S2:E9 Payback Review, Deep Questions, and Insecurities

May 6, 2017

WWE Payback, RAW, and SmackDown LIVE Recap and Review

5x Guest Co-Host Wes Chapman

Each member of the show shares 3 of our insecurities and then we all hug and feel better about ourselves. 

Weston will not be on the next episode if Bad Luck Fale beats Okada, but he agrees to eat 20 large pickles if Okada wins. 

Weston pitches some booking for the RAW women's division leading up to SummerSlam. 

Penis size and pedophilia somehow become topics of conversation.

Wes decides that his WWE gimmick would be calling the police on all the other wrestlers. 

Jinder Mahal should win the WWE championship.

Weston believes that Roman Reigns is closer than ever to finally getting over.