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A really important podcast about wrestling.

S2:E10 Fantasy Booking the Championships and the 20 Pickle Challenge

May 11, 2017

Wrestling was pretty dull this week, so we take turns booking EVERY SINGLE CHAMPIONSHIP IN WWE for the next few months. 

Co-hosts Wes Chapman, CJ "Jackson" Spitta, and Pat "The Champ" Inkpen

The least entertaining person during the podcast must eat the contents of the white package from beef jerky.

Weston eats 20 pickles in celebration of Okada beating Bad Luck Fale. 

Wes reveals that he is a WWE Insider and reveals Vince McMahon's plans for every WWE championship, including Toby Keith winning the United States Championship. 

"Jackson" attempts to stab everyone else on the podcast. 

"The Champ" flexes his wrestling knowledge superiority over everyone else. 

Weston makes the pitch of all pitches for the Universal Championship at WrestleMania 34: Brock Lesnar vs. Royal Rumble Winner Broken Matt Hardy.